Pardon the wikipedia, but I wanted to provide this example of a skybridge. This is the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia, as  well as some information about it.

In addition to having interesting architecture and providing unique views, skyways or skybridges could cut down on the amount of sidewalk and road used on UNCG campus

Recycled Toilet Water

Any water that drains from a house (other than toilet water) is considered gray water. It will most likely have some soap, maybe some small dirt particles in it. With over half of the world experiencing drought, conserving water in any way possible should be a priority. A potential way to help save water is by using grey water in toilets. The article below describes safe use of gray water.

Roof Solar Panels

Because putting solar panels on roofs is nothing new, I posted this link that lists the pros and cons of solar energy. Based on the cons, I think there may be some cloudy days where the cafeteria food doesn’t get very warm. Traffic Lights Human Powered Electronics

Light Dimmers and Timers

LIght dimmers and timers are very easy to install, and are a good way to save energy. The article below explains them and their effects, as well as motion sensing lights, which would also be a viable solution.