Anyone who has been to DC knows that the traffic can be awful, and the parking. Driving in general is not fun. The metro is nice sometimes, but every time I ride it (which is usually to a Nationals Game, or to Chinatown) it is very crowded and my mind is flooded with scenes from contagion every time someone bumps into me. There is a solution though, and a pretty brilliant one, Capital Bikeshare.

Capital Bikeshare allows you to rent bikes, on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, and it is pretty inexpensive.

24-hour $7
3-day $15
Daily Key $10 + $7/day
Monthly $25
Annual $75

The coolest thing to me though, is how many bike stations there are. You can grab a bike after an educational day at the Smithsonian, ride down to the White House and pretend you actually see someone even though the windows almost always have their blinds drawn, and leave the bike at the bike station near the white house even though that isn’t where you got the bike from originally.