Photo on 10-20-14 at 7.45 PM #2Photo on 10-20-14 at 7.45 PM

Today I got this coffee mug in the mail from my mom. Despite the fact that I would rather have gotten food of some sort, it reminded me what a cool job she has. She works for the department of the interior, in the surface mining and reclamation department. When people mine, they usually take the simple and extremely environmentally damaging method of blowing the tops of mountains and stripping away valuable substances. This sounds horrible, and it is, but the mining industry creates jobs in a lot of towns where there isn’t really much to do. My mom’s job is to fix the mountains after this is done, and try to find better ways to mine. She also examines land to determine where it is safe to mine without poisoning water supplies (cue that fracking video of a man lighting his tap water on fire).