All the talk of making our cafeteria more local and sustainable made me wonder about the practices of other university cafeterias. After researching this for a while, it became clear that we are pretty behind.

Here are some examples:

-University of Illinois has a 6 acre plot where they grow food, a sustainable student farm, the students take care of it, farm supplies residence halls with locally grown low input sustainable food

-Yale: Yale Sustainable Food Program Yale has two farms on its campus. The farm provides internship opportunities to students both undergrad and grad. Mission of the farms is to create bonds between faculty and students, and promote local growth

-Warren Wilson College,  composts kitchen scraps and sources food and lumber from its own organic gardens and managed forests

-Clemson- 15 acre organic farm, and greenhouse

-University of Washington, Seattle food service emphasizes local, organic, fair trade and natural foods. Working toward zero-waste, scraps are composted. They have compostable dish-ware and to-go packaging, and are partnering with Coca-Cola on a pilot study for the first compostable paper cup designed specifically for soft drinks.